Rug Cleaning Arlington TX

Safe & Delicate Cleaning Solutions


Safe & Delicate Cleaning Solutions

At Carpet Cleaning Arlington TX, we do our best to keep the beauty of these pieces of art. Rug Cleaning requires intensive care, for that we give it a careful hand washing to ensure you great results.

For that, we use only highly effective & professional cleaning techniques. You must be aware that some cleaning machines lead your rugs to fade or lose their bright colors. But this not the case with us, we use our hands to clean your precious items.

We have been cleaning the Arlington TX area’s rugs for a long time as:

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Persian Rug Cleaning
  • Wool Rug Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Rug Odor Removal
  • Rug Dry Cleaning

All our cleaning products are safe and delicate over your rugs. It gives your floor covering a fresh smell with a new look. Our best rug cleaners have a lot of knowledge.

Although we have limited time since we are always busy, we do this type of job all the time perfectly. We are the have the top rug steam cleaners in the city.

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Safe & Delicate Cleaning Solutions

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Professional Rugs Cleaning

Oriental & Persian rugs are items that add a sense of luxury to your house. These types of rugs made especially from special & delicate products as silk & wool. You also can get it from away countries as India, Turkey, Pakistan, etc.

That’s Why These Items Are Priceless and Consider as Piece of Art.

Thus, we inherit it from generation to others. For that, we feel the responsibility towards taking care of it. So, at any time you want to clean your oriental rugs, you should first try to identify what type it is.

This is critical since you don’t want to use cleaning agents that might ruin your precious rug. If yours made of silk or wool, you should be careful because this is a highly valuable product. If you can’t identify this let our professional cleaners do rug cleaning for you.

Also, if you need area rug cleaning since yours is riddled with dirt and dust because it is exposed to heavy traffic? If you need to restore its allure, we can get it done easily and conveniently.

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Rug Cleaning Arlington TX

Not all service providers in Arlington TX can do what we can do for our customers in rug cleaning. First, we respond quickly if you have an Emergencysuch as a bad spill just around the time you are expecting some guests.

Second, our professional rug cleaners will Restore your floor covering to its Original Color and help preserve it for future generations. Third, we use Products that are Safe & Good for your home, pets, and kids. Knowing what type of dyes are used to decorate your rugs is important to preserve its beauty.

Plus offering affordable prices, our steam rug cleaning methods protect the fabric and dyes of your floor coverings. Not a chance to dip your rug in water or chemicals since this might cause the colors to bleed. We are careful and use only steam whose heat reaches deeper in your fabric.

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